House Washing

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House Washing
Here are some frequently asked questions concerning the details of our awesome Living Social deal.

Q. Is the voucher good toward any of the other services House Washing Dudes™ offers?

A. No. We would be more than happy to provide a FREE Estimate to quote you an awesome value packed price to wash some of the other surfaces around your home.

Q. How much is a House Wash?

A. Just like houses vary in size and shape, so does the work involved to wash them. We are happy to provide you with a FREE Estimate of the invesment require to wash your unique homes exterior.

Q. If, for example, the price to wash my House is $347.00, could I just buy four of the vouchers to apply toward the total?

A. No. The vouchers are to be used alone. Int his example, the voucher would be deducted from the total House wash price. $347.00 minus the awesome $100.00 voucher would result in a great savings and value packed hose wash of only $247.00.

Q. How soon will I be able to have my House Washed?

A. Due to the nature of exposure that offering such a great deal, we will be likely busy with orders, estimates and general scheduling etc. Once a confirmed order is made via email or phone, we place the orders on a “do” list. We then group the “do’s” geographically to be washed on a route that saves fuel and time. So, you could actually be serviced the next day if your home is in the area of others sceduled. Or it could be a week. We do make exceptions for folks needing service on a deadline. Either way, we notify the day before to remind of window closing and gate unlocks etc.

Q. Can I have just one/two sides of my house washed?

A. No. Our method for washing homes is very effective and will reveal that the areas that seem to be clean, are actually dirty as well. This would not be a proper cleaning if only partially done. The mold/mildew left would cause the cleaned areas to become infested quicker.

More on pricing.

Our minimum House Wash price. $197 for a 1200 sqft, one story ranch home. Price increase from there accordingly.

Discounts are offered for multiple services. Example.. While a Driveway cleaning might have cost $175, if done while doing a house wash, it would only cost $85. Example only.